Routine Exams

Routine ExamsAlso referred to as the Annual or Well Woman exam these provide the foundation of women's care. This specific visit is an essential component to a woman's health and should not be delayed. We provide care for women of all ages and happily explain what is included and what to expect.

At this visit we obtain information regarding your menstrual cycle and sexual health. We review all medications and note any changes. Important aspects of your overall health are also gathered including both medical and surgical conditions that have been treated since your last Annual. Evaluation for other testing such as STD checks, routine blood work for basic labs, ultrasound, mammography and depending on maturity, a bone density test for osteoporosis may be ordered.

A Well Woman Exam is your once-a-year visit to Complete Women Care for a general check-up including:

  • General physical exam with breast exam
  • Pelvic exam and Pap Smear
  • Update of personal life information and work status
  • Review of family health history and update any changes
  • Update Immunizations
  • Update current medications and supplements including vitamins and herbal Supplements
  • Evaluate need for health screening tests (Mammogram, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, and colon cancer screening)

During this visit, patients may have a list of questions they would like to discuss, a new symptom they would like evaluated or continuing health concerns that need more attention. These issues may require imaging studies or lab work as just two simple examples of the need for a different amount of time allotted. Since the Annual or Well Woman Exam does not include a discussion of new problems or a detailed review of chronic conditions, please schedule a separate appointment for these so that we will be able to bill your insurance instead of creating more out-of-pocket costs for you in most cases.

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