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Mona Lisa Touch 

"I learned about the Mona Lisa Touch procedure after reading about it in an Italian newspaper over 3 years ago. I watched it progress thru the US health care system until its full approval. After wailing patiently for it to come to my community I decided to give it a try. The results have exceeded my expectations. Dr. Pearl and his staff provided excellent care. I recommend the procedure and their services without reservation." * - JP

"I am SO happy I did this! I used to get up FOUR times every night to use the bathroom. I was so exhausted. Now only once. My vaginal dryness is gone. Sex is fantastic now without fumbling for lubricants. Things are also looking much more youthful. Bonus! Dr. Pearl and Wendy were so kind, explaining everything and making sure I was comfortable during the procedure and it didn't hurt at all . Highly recommended. I feel like a new woman!!" * - PK

'Great staff- great doctor - very happy with overall experience!" * - KH

"Big change from before first visit - urinary frequency during day is gone along with the extreme itching and pain." * - VV

"Mona Lisa treatment was very effective for me.  I'm very happy with the results.  I would recommend it to other women.  Dr. Pearl has a great bedside manner...talks you through the procedures and always makes sure you are comfortable.  My husband is happy and sends a message to the doctor - "Good work Doc!"  * - GS

"I am far better.  My husband is happy!  We are having sex four times a week!"  * - JN

"Gone, gone, gone!  Things bothering me [that] I didn't realize would be helped by this procedure - working 10 hours standing at register [is] a piece of cake without all the past menopausal issues.  THANK YOU." * - VV

"Dr. Pearl's approach to learning about your history and informing you about the Mona Lisa Touch was always professional, respectful, and gentle. I am amazed that the pain, dryness, and discomfort of intercourse is gone! I began to notice a difference after the first treatment. I highly recommend the Mona Lisa Touch to any sexually active post-menopausal woman." * - SF

"I learned about the Mona Lisa treatment online, and selected Dr. Pearl because he had considerable experience in doing the procedure. Dr. Pearl and his staff are very professional. The three procedures were explained in detail and I did not experience any pain whatsoever, and very little discomfort after. The pain and discomfort I was having improved with each treatment and now I am feeling better than I have in years. I would recommend Dr. Pearl and the Mona Lisa Touch treatment to anyone having issues with vaginal pain and dryness. Thank goodness something is finally being done to help women with these issues!" * - KH

"Wow!  How can I express my gratitude for this amazing procedure!  No more UTI's, itching, burning, prickling needle like pain!  These had stopped my exercise and bike riding.  Now back to 5 or 10 miles a day!  HOORAY!" * - VV


 "I had the Essure about two years ago. The procedure itself was pretty painless. I needed to walk slow and rest that afternoon but after that, I felt no effects at all. The follow-up checkup was a little sensitive, but again, I had no problems after that. My husband and I enjoy a satisfying sex life, it has not affected me in any other way physically, and most important this birth control method has been completely effective! The doctors were very careful and informative throughout the entire process, and the staff has always been caring and comforting during all of my visits. I would recommend this birth control method for anyone who is sure they're done with having children and who does not want to worry about pills, condoms or other methods."  - ED


"On March 16, 2017 I was going to the office to have a procedure done, I was very nervous on how I would feel through this, (mostly because i looked on the internet).  After Dr. Pearl explained in detail what the procedure was and how I would feel during the procedure, I was reassured by our discussion.  Words can't express how thankful I am to Dr. Pearl, Donna Hamilton, and theri staff for there heartfelt compassion, and willingness to explain things." - JP

OB Care 

"My first delivery experience was a nightmare eleven years ago. Since then I was terrified to have another child. When I found out I was pregnant again I made sure that I did my research on doctors. I found Dr Pearl and just the first call to make an appointment made me feel this was a good place as I did not have to leave any messages or speak to a recording. I spoke to a person and they scheduled my appointment right there. Dr. Pearl has exceeded my expectations. I saw him every visit, he explained in detail everything that he was going to do, he always made sure I was okay and he was always willing to listen to any questions or concerns I had.  I had a c section and it was such a great experience. My procedure and the recovery was very easy and the incision is healing so well. I recommend Dr. Pearl to anyone who wants a thorough, meticulous, caring doctor." - DA

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