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Return to the former YOU with Mona Lisa Touch...

When estrogen levels decline...due to menopause or as a result of cancer therapy...

Many women experience personal changes that can, unfortunately, affect their quality of life.  Studies show that these changes affect 50% or more of women, yet only some will seek help from their doctor

The symptoms of vaginal atrophy can have both a physical and emotional impact on the patient and affect their intimate relationships.

The MonaLisa Touch is a minimally invasive, 5-minute treatment requiring no anesthesia, utlized to improve the health and pliability of the inner lining of the vagina. The only post-treatment advice is to abstain from sexual intercourse for 5 to 7 days.  A course of treatment requires three, five-minute treatments spaced at monthly intervals.

NOW is the time to find the former YOU!

The MonaLisa Touch is a new laser therapy that can provide lasting relief for women experiencing changes in their gynecologic health.  Amazingly, this can be done right in the comforts of the office.  In fact, the MonaLisa laser treatment is a minimally invasive, 5 minute treatment, requiring no anesthesia which is now available to YOU!

Gentle laser energy applied to the vaginal tissues promotes collagen and healing...

The unique, specifically designed CO2 fractional laser is used to treat the thin and sensitive vaginal wall by penetrating deep into the layers of the lining, stimilating collagen and returning the vaginal tissue to health.

Finding the new YOU and relieving your symptoms...

The MonaLisa Touch has been used to teat thousands patients worldwide.  Some of these women have experienced natural menopause, while some had induced menopause as the result of a hysterectomy or from drugs that suppressed ovarian function (i.e. chemotherapy, radiations, and anti-cancer drugs such as Tamoxifen).

Treatment results showed:

  • Highly statistcally significant improvement in symptoms after first treatment
  • Escalation of progress with each subsequent treatment

When estrogen levels decline...the walls of the vagina and vulva become thinner and dryer. The estrogen decrease causes reduction of the blood supply, loss of natural elasticity, significant reduction in vaginal hydration and lubrication decreasing the natural protective function of the vagina's mucosal layer. It affects more than 40% of women particularly after menopause.  Symptoms of menopause include any or all of the following:

  • Dryness or itchiness
    This thinning of tissues can result in feelings of dryness or itching. 

  • Burning and irritation
    Thinning of the tissues may lead to burning or irritation. In some cases bleeding may occur.

  • Fissures at the opening of the vagina
    These are small tears or cracks and may be aggravated by sexual intercourse.

  • Pain during sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia)
    The thinning of the lining, loss of lubrication and fissures lead to pain during sex.

  • Vaginal pain
    Loss of structural strength of the vaginal walls lead to feelings of vaginal laxity and pain

  • Decreased urinary tract health Including pain, urinary frequency and recurrent urinary tract infections.

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MonaLisa Touch is your answer...

Years of use in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology have accumulated volumes of positive results for the epithelium of skin. The treatment delivers an effective treatment that stimulates fibroblast cells in the skin to promote natural regeneration processes via collagen production. The same principal happens when the epithelium of the vagina is treated - collagen production leads of proliferation of cells and restoration of blood supply. In as little as 30 days after treatment there is regeneration of new tissue in the vaginal walls producing more lubrication resulting in fewer symptoms. MonaLisa Touch has been used for several years worldwide on tens of thousands of women successfully and was approved by the FDA in September, 2014 for use in the United States.

As a result of the procedures' popularity, we have established a special telephone extension just for scheduling your MonaLisa Touch procedure.

Please contact us at 954-271-4447 to schedule your appointment and find the former YOU.

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